Pokémon Go!


  From drawing crowds to parks, churches, and landmarks, making folks walk around with their eyes glued to their screens, to causing homeowners to file class action case against the developers because of unwanted strangers on their properties brought by nearby pokéstops, Pokémon Go has no doubt made waves all over the world. It has […]

Shell V-Power Nitro+’s Benefits for Your Engine

SVPN+yt screen cap

The name of Shell’s latest and best fuel to date may be a mouthful, but trust us when we say the extra fancy words and that plus sign at the end works magic on car engines. Here’s why: It formulated with Friction Modification Technology. Plainly speaking, it means that it lubricates your engine as you […]

Congratulations to our Local BMW Winner!


Have you congratulated Victoria? If not, here’s the story: Victoria A. stopped by one of our stores (specifically, Store 34 on W. Flamingo Road) to get a little gasoline. Being a smart and savvy customer, Victoria swiped her FRN card at the pump or in the store, and the rest, as they say, is history. […]

Get a One-Year YMCA Family Membership!


What would you and your family do with a one-year membership at your local YMCA? Swim more? Socialize? Learn a new skill? Get in shape? Whatever it is, we’d like to make that happen! We’ve teamed up with Mountain Dew to make sure that these awesome flavors are more than just tasty…they’re  a chance to […]

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Premium Gasoline – Available Now!


Step aside, premium fuels—Shell is rolling out the gasoline to beat all gasolines! Shell V-Power Nitro+ Premium gasoline offers the best total engine care for your car. If you want to actually improve your car’s performance simply by filling up the tank, then this is the fuel for you! According to Elen Phillips, Vice President, […]

A Sweet Deal to Support the Las Vegas Philharmonic

gvg hersheys graphic

What do you get when you combine your favorite Green Valley Grocery locations, Hershey’s Chocolate, and the Las Vegas Philharmonic? A pretty sweet deal! Now through the end of May, we’ve got a fantastic deal going on at all our stores throughout the Valley: Buy any of these delicious chocolates… …And ten percent of your […]

Big Savings on Shell V-Power For the New Year

frn thing 2

We all need to get places. Sometimes, they’re important, like a graduation, a birthday, a homecoming celebration. Other times, they’re simple but necessary—the grocery store, the post office, the movies. Wherever we go, we want the trip to be smooth. We want our cars performing at optimal levels, and lasting as long as they can. […]

Slots on Slots on Slots…Only in Vegas!

video poker filter

Las Vegas is a pretty unique town. It doesn’t take much research to see that—it’s pretty obvious the second you get here that it’s a different kind of place, with its own kind of energy. Where else can you go from Paris to Venice in a manner of minutes…on foot? Where else can Andrea Bocelli […]

Who’s Ready for some WINsdays with Joey Logano?

joey logano 22

Joey Logano wasted no time capturing our attention with his outrageous driving skills. In 2008, at just 18 years (and 21 days—they count that!) old, he became the youngest driver to win a Nationwide Series race. A year later, at 19 years (35 days), he again set a record for being the youngest driver to win the […]

Tropicana Staycation Giveaway!

Trop Giveaway

Everyone could use a night out on the town…but in this giveaway, we’re offering TWO! All you have to do to enter is like Green Valley Grocery and The Tropicana on Facebook, then click this little link right here and enter your information! Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get if you are one of […]