Pokémon Go!


  From drawing crowds to parks, churches, and landmarks, making folks walk around with their eyes glued to their screens, to causing homeowners to file class action case against the developers because of unwanted strangers on their properties brought by nearby pokéstops, Pokémon Go has no doubt made waves all over the world. It has […]

Kyle Busch Nationwide Series Show Car at Green Valley Grocery


  All-time NASCAR Nationwide Series winning driver (with 51 victories!), Kyle Busch, will be racing in the Nationwide series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 8th! We’re gearing up for the big race at Green Valley Grocery with Monster Energy. The JGR Monster Energy Nationwide show car is making an appearance at two […]

Save Money on Gas by Drinking Your Favorite Coca-Cola Beverages!

fuel rewards

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are all looking for ways to save a few bucks.  Lucky for you, you can save money on gas just for drinking your favorite Coca-Cola beverages! Fuel Rewards Network Members can convert 45 My Coke Rewards points to 10 cents per gallon savings here at Green Valley Grocery.  All […]

Green Valley Grocery Keeps it F’Real


There’s a new machine in our stores that we are pretty excited about! Meet the F’Real! The F’Real blends milkshakes, smoothies and cappuccinos right in front of your eyes. The best part? The drinks are made from real ice cream, milk, fruit and coffee. The machine brings self-serve to a new level. It’s as easy […]