Pokémon Go!



From drawing crowds to parks, churches, and landmarks, making folks walk around with their eyes glued to their screens, to causing homeowners to file class action case against the developers because of unwanted strangers on their properties brought by nearby pokéstops, Pokémon Go has no doubt made waves all over the world. It has gotten such a following from kids and adults alike that people go out of their way and actually wander around just to fill their pokédexes and conquer gyms.

The game launched back in July, but because of its engaging nature that drives competition and multiple-tier achievements, users continue to get lured into the game every passing day, and they even don’t mind spending time and money to level up their little critters to get them ready for battles!

Just starting up? Don’t fret. Numerous articles all over the internet are sprouting to help newbies level up faster, and do better—even some tips from Red Bull! There are walkthroughs, secret strategies and even some trainer tips that can aid you in your journey to catch all the known Pokémon out there.

Just some health and safety tips: Make sure to prevent mishaps by being aware of your surroundings and bringing a friend or two when going out at night. Many accidents have been reported related to the use of the game, and some have actually resulted in personal injuries.

And since we’re talking about health and safety, don’t forget to hydrate and stock up with food during your hunt! Be it snacks, drinks, or any of the basics, we have 52 stores all over Southern Nevada that are always within arm’s reach to cater to your needs!

Have fun out there, and good luck!