Big Savings on Shell V-Power For the New Year

frn thing 2We all need to get places. Sometimes, they’re important, like a graduation, a birthday, a homecoming celebration. Other times, they’re simple but necessary—the grocery store, the post office, the movies.

Wherever we go, we want the trip to be smooth. We want our cars performing at optimal levels, and lasting as long as they can.

That’s why we serve Shell—it cleans out valves and improves the performance of your car, meaning you can go farther, drive better, and do more. Chosen by Ferrari, and exceeding the very high standards of top automakers like Audi, BMW, General motors, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen, this stuff is actually certified as a “Detergent Gasoline”!

And now until January 31st, you can get earn rewards to get 25¢ off Shell V-Power at all participating Green Valley Grocery locations!

So fill up your tank and hit the road. Where will you go? :)


Read more about Shell V-Power fuel and the Fuel Rewards Program here. To get your own card, click here!