Shell V-Power Nitro+’s Benefits for Your Engine

The name of Shell’s latest and best fuel to date may be a mouthful, but trust us when we say the extra fancy words and that plus sign at the end works magic on car engines. Here’s why:

It formulated with Friction Modification Technology. Plainly speaking, it means that it lubricates your engine as you drive. With less friction between the piston and the cylinder (the heart of your engine), your vehicle has higher tendency to deliver more power to the wheels for less fuel.

The high RON rating helps prevent “knocking”.  Shell V-Power Nitro+ has a 99 RON rating, which means that it inhibits instances where the fuel explodes inside the cylinder instead of burning in a controlled way to provide power to your engine. This definitely translates to better mileage by reducing fuel waste.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel has a power detergent technology that cleans your engine. No longer getting the MPG promised by your car manufacturer when you first got your car years ago? This is because deposits tend to form over long time of use and start clogging your injectors. These deposits also tend to absorb fuel instead of letting it flow, thus robbing your car of fuel power. With Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel, deposit buildup is cleaned and future buildup is prevented. The result? Better fuel flow and higher fuel efficiency.

 It is formulated to protect engines against corrosion. Shell explains that Shell V-Power Nitro+ is “designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection”. By preserving your engine’s efficiency and protecting it from gunk, driving your vehicle becomes more fun while potentially prolonging your engine’s lifespan.

All these features look good on paper, and we personally felt the difference of pumping Shell V-Power Nitro+ to our cars, but there’s only one way to see if Shell’s best fuel to date will work for you: drop by at one of our stations and try it for yourself. We highly recommend it!