Who’s Ready for some WINsdays with Joey Logano?

joey logano 22

Via Getty Images

Joey Logano wasted no time capturing our attention with his outrageous driving skills. In 2008, at just 18 years (and 21 days—they count that!) old, he became the youngest driver to win a Nationwide Series race. A year later, at 19 years (35 days), he again set a record for being the youngest driver to win the Sprint Cup Series!

That might be interesting, but what, exactly, does it have to do with Green Valley Grocery and Shell?

Simple—it’s how we got WINsdays!

If you’re not familiar with them, WNsdays are a pretty awesome opportunity for our FRN and Shell $aver Cardholders to save. Every time Shell’s driver (that’d be Joey Logano, naturally) wins a race, YOU win some great deals on fuel! Card holders will get 22 cents off each gallon of gasoline they purchase on the Wednesday following his win. It’s a 22-cent discount in honor of Joey’s number: 22.

You can get even more details here, but all you need to know for now is that:

1)      Shell is awesome

2)      Joey is also awesome

3)      Combine these two things, and you get to save money!

How will you know when he wins? Shell’s even taken care of that—when you sing up for the Shell $aver Card, you’ll enter an email, and all updates about Joey’s victories will be automatically and immediately sent to you. You’ll never miss a deal!

Want to DOUBLE those savings? Click here to see how the FRN card can pair with your Shell $aver Card for some truly excellent deals.

And, as always, thank you for using Green Valley Grocery—only the best for you guys!