Our History

Flagship Green Valley Grocery Store

Store four, located on the corner of N. Lamb Blvd. & E. Alexander Rd.

On September 1, 1978, at the corner of Sunset and Green Valley Parkway, The first Green Valley Grocery convenience store opened its doors to the public.

Named for the part of town in which its first location found its home, the Green Valley Grocery chain has since spread across Southern Nevada, adding fuel services in 1985 at their fifth location, which still sits at the corner of Nellis Boulevard and Craig Road.

“There were no computers, or energy drinks, and the water category was very small,” founder Rick Crawford says of how the industry has changed over the last thirty years.  “There were no ATMs, and a carton of cigarettes cost five dollars.”

Green Valley Grocery originally employed three or four employees, but the business has grown immensely over the last three decades. Today, they have approximately 385 people on the payroll.

As of April 2014, Green Valley Grocery has fifty-two stores serving Southern Nevada.  The stores’ operations have grown, too, expanding to include the sale of quality food products, beverages, and on-the-go necessities.  Most locations offer Shell gasoline, and some even sport car washes.  The mission of Green Valley Grocery is to provide its customers with quality service and useful products, exactly where and when they need it.