Slots on Slots on Slots…Only in Vegas!

video poker filterLas Vegas is a pretty unique town. It doesn’t take much research to see that—it’s pretty obvious the second you get here that it’s a different kind of place, with its own kind of energy.

Where else can you go from Paris to Venice in a manner of minutes…on foot? Where else can Andrea Bocelli serenade you while water literally dances to his voice?

Where else are there so many Cirque du Soleil shows that you actually don’t even know where to start?

Where else will a local, family-owned string of convenience stores offer you a two-night staycation package at somewhere as cool as the Tropicana??

The fact is, we live in a pretty amazing city. We’re one-of-a-kind!

But once you’re off the Strip, we tend to feel like we’re pretty average. We’re just people living in a city like anyone else, right?

We are…but maybe we’re not. It’s possible that Vegas locals might forget how many things we have that seem commonplace here, but are actually quite unusual.

Take slot machines, for instance. You can find them everywhere here. Even, as it were, in convenience stores!

For a Las Vegas local, it might seem commonplace to see video poker in gas stations, but for anyone visiting, they know it’s not something you find in other cities.

All 52 of our stores feature a bank of slot machines, some paying out some pretty impressive jackpots! It might seem out of place to a newcomer, but for the locals, this is often the preferred way to play—most of us avoid the Strip unless we’re going to an event, working, or entertaining our out-of-town guests!

So for all the big differences Las Vegas has from other cities, remember that there are a lot of little details like that to set us apart even more…and we love it!


For visitors or non-locals…what was your first thought when you found out we had slots in convenience stores out here? And for locals…what do you play when you stop in?